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I do, however, feel compelled to address the criticisms of and from the MGTOW sphere in an attempt to bridge misunderstandings. While I’m not as critical of MGTOW as the others who dismiss the whole movement as a congregation of virgin losers, I do feel that a large segment of its members are lost. Instead of going their own way to live a fulfilling life, they’re using the movement as a crutch to justify and validate their lack of zest for life. They’re essentially selling themselves short.

Bonus photos of the Queen and her fabulous brooches at the Royal Ascot. I wish she would order Kate to stand up straight too! All of the younger royals need to be reminded that slouches are not royal. You know what’s royal? Brooches.

 · Marcie - Ruby and Black - What a lovely photo sent into post by Miss Marcie. I love her chic look for the holidays, basic black mini ...

Miss June MatriarchyMiss June MatriarchyMiss June MatriarchyMiss June Matriarchy